Get ready to sing!  Tesla Car-aoke!

Get ready to sing! Tesla Car-aoke!

With the new version 10 update just around the corner, Tesla owners now can get ready for the promised feature. The in-car experience going to improve with new Sketchpad updates and the added brand new feature: the car karaoke. While we don’t know much about the application – the idea seems solid and holds a tremendous amount of promise for fun and family enjoyment.

With the new update, Tesla is finally opening up the touchscreen console to YouTube and Netflix, but only while parked. The Data rates and internet availability wasn’t talked about – that will remain for the future to learn. But aside these huge updates more are in progress: other games are coming: to the touchscreen Cuphead and Fallout Shelter.

There is only one hard thing to do for all the owners: to wait patiently. The update will come – and with it a lot of new features!

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